Ros Canter Eventing

 Kate James and Annie Makin
Stable name: Jas
Sire: Jumbo
Dam: Cornish Queen
Foaled: 2009
Height/colour/sex: 16.2hh/Bay/Mare
BE Points at end of 2023: 992

Jas is a half sister to Lordships Graffalo 

Top results 2023:
Oasby OI: 8th (double clear)
Burgham CCI4*S: 4th (double clear)
Upton House OI: 9th (double clear)
Badminton CCI5*: 9th
Thoresby CCI4*S: 2nd (double clear)

Top results 2022:
Burghley CCI5*: 11th
Hartpury CCI4*S: 8th
Bramham CCI4*L: 2nd (double clear)
Chatsworth CCI4*S: 3rd (double clear)
Lincolnshire AI: 1st (double clear)

Top results 2021:
Bicton CCI5*: 4th
Bicton CCI4*-L: 9th (double clear)

Top results 2020:
Burnham Market (3) CCI4*L: 7th (double clear)
Richmond (2) OI: 1st (double clear)
Cholmondeley OI: 1st
Aston-le-Walls OI: 5th (double clear)
Lincolnshire AI: 2nd (double clear)

Top results 2019 – ridden by Tom Jackson
Hartpury CCI4*-S: 6th (double clear)
Burgham CCI4*-S: 5th
Arville CCI4*-S: 4th
South of England (1) OI: 1st (double clear)
Great Witchingham (1) OI: 3rd (double clear)

Top results 2018:
Millstreet CIC3*: 21st
Rockingham AI: 2nd (double clear)

Top results 2017:
Gatcombe (2) CIC2*: 2nd (double clear)
Wellington A8/9YO: 5th (double clear)
Great Witchingham (2) OI: 2nd (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls (2) OI: 1st (double clear)
Belton Park OI: 3rd (double clear)
Great Witchingham (1) OI: 1st (double clear)

Top results 2016:
Osberton CH7yo: 6th (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls (3) I: 1st (double clear)
Great Witchingham (2) I: 5th (double clear)
Little Downham (1) NRF: 3rd (double clear)
Great Witchingham (1) ON:  2nd (double clear)

Top results 2015:
Weston Park CCI1*: 1st (double clear)
Prestwold Hall N: 2nd (double clear)
Shelford Manor (2) N: 2nd (double clear)
Great Witchingham CIC1*: 7th
Buckminster N: 6th
Catton Park N: 1st (double clear)
Little Downham (1) N: 1st (double clear)
Richmond (1) N: 5th (double clear)
Lincolnshire BE100: 2nd (double clear)
Oasby (1) BE100: 3rd (double clear)

Top results 2014:
Norton Disney BE100: 1st (double clear)
Oasby (2) BE100: 1st (double clear)
BE 5YO Championships: 7th (double clear)
Allerton Park BE100: 3rd (double clear)
Richmond (2) 5YO: 3rd (double clear)
Shelford Manor (2) BE100: 1st (double clear)
Breckenbrough (2) BE100: 4th (double clear)
Great Witchingham (2) BE90Open:  2nd (double clear)

Photo © Trevor Holt