Ros Canter Eventing

 Ros & Heather Canter
Stable name: Alfie
Sire: Guidam
Dam: Telvera
Foaled: 2004
Height/colour/sex: 16.1hh bay gelding
BE Points at end of 2021: 1175

Ros retired Zenshera from eventing in June 2021. He is now enjoying dressage competitions and playing nanny to the young horses.

Top results 2021:
Kelsall Hill (1) AI: 1st (double clear)
Oasby (1) OI: 6th (double clear)

Top results 2020:
Pau CCI5*: 17th
Wellington A: 2nd (double clear)
Lincolnshire OI: 7th

Top results 2019:
Pau CCI5*: 5th
Little Downham (3) A: 1st (double clear)

Top results 2018:
Pau CCI4* (now 5*): 5th
Millstreet CIC3*: 2nd (double clear)
Luhmuhlen CCI4* (now 5*): 3rd (double clear)
Belton CIC3*: 5th (double clear)

Top results 2017:
Pau CCI4* (now 5*): 7th
Blenheim ERMCIC3*: 5th (double clear)
Wellington A: 2nd (double clear)
Luhmuhlen CCI4*: 9th
Chatsworth ERMCIC3*: 8th
Oasby (1) OI: 5th (double clear)

Top results 2016:
Millstreet CCI3*: 9th
Cholmondeley Castle OI: 1st (double clear)
Hopetoun CIC3*: 4th
Little Downham (1) OI: 1st (double clear)
Burnham Market (1) OI: 7th (double clear)

Top results 2014:
Strzegom CIC3*: 5th (double clear)
Houghton CICO3*: 9th
Richmond (1) OI: 8th (double clear)
Ballindenish (1) CICO3*: 5th
Great Witchingham (1) AI: 4th (double clear)

Top results 2013:
Boekelo CCI3*: 24th
Barbury CIC3*: 20th (double clear)
Rockingham CIC2*: 1st (double clear)
Richmond (1) OI: 3rd (double clear)

Top result 2012:
Catton Park Intermediate : 2nd (double clear)

Top results 2011:
Weston Park (2) CCI*: 1st (double clear)
Purston Manor (2) IN: 2nd (double clear)
Winkburn Novice: 1st (double clear)
Buckminster Park Novice: 2nd (double clear)
Stafford (1) BE100: 1st (double clear)
Lincolnshire BE100: 1st (double clear)

Top results 2010:
Great Witchingham (2) BE100Plus: 1st
Skipton (1) BE100: 2nd (double clear)

Photo © Trevor Holt