Ros Canter Eventing


Emerald Green Feeds

Emerald Green Feeds has long provided the fuel for Ros’ horses in the form of Grass Pellets and Alfalfa-Mazing Chop. All 100% natural and fully traceable the feeds are grown, produced and packaged on a family run farm in Lincolnshire. Ros highly recommends the feeds.

“We continue to have excellent results with the pellets and chop from EGF, and I’m very grateful for the support the company has given me over many years – it was my very first sponsor and has backed me throughout my career.”

Stierna Equestrian Sportswear

Swedish brand Stierna Equestrian Sportswear came on board in 2019. Stierna produces an innovative, technical range of clothing, designed and developed by dedicated riders. It combines specialist knowledge from the sports and outdoor industry to create a range of high quality equestrian sportswear that allows the athlete to perform at their optimum.

“I became interested as soon as I saw Stierna’s warm and waterproof riding kit. I’m tired of being freezing and wet; these products have changed my life!”

Charles Owen

Ros is delighted to work with Charles Owen.

“I have been wearing Charles Owen hats for as long as I have been eventing and am so happy to be involved with the company. The hats are comfy, stylish, but most of all safe – everything a hat should be.”


In 2019 Ros started working with HorseDialog, the media channel of Zoetis Inc. The sponsorship centres around Ros presenting a series of practical videos, sharing her tips and advice on riding and horse care.

HorseDialog provides down to earth information on disease risks, vaccination, equine health and wellbeing.

“HorseDialog is the most fantastic website for horse owners at all levels. It offers a wealth of horse health knowledge and is my go to website if I have any concerns. Check out my short film clips on everything from training your horses to worm management!”


LeMieux teamed up with Ros at the end of the 2019 season, providing Ros with a variety of equine products – most notably their great range of horse boots which will see plenty of action in the forthcoming event season.

“I am really excited to be working with Le Mieux in 2020. I have always been a big fan of their products and the horses are not only going to look smart but also be as comfortable as possible at the events this year. We love their protective XC boots. They never slip despite going through multiple water jumps, and the velcro stayed strong throughout last season.”

Selleria Equipe

Italian saddle maker Selleria Equipe is entering its second year working with Ros, an arrangement facilitated through Zebra Products.

“I have ridden in Equipe saddles for years so am delighted to work with them, through Zebra Products. The team at Zebra provides an excellent service, making sure that I have well fitting saddles for all of my horses, enabling them – and me – to perform to the best of our ability.”


Ros first tried freejump‘s stirrups at Pau in 2018. She loved them and now also wears their long riding boots, jodhpur boots and chaps. Ros is delighted to be working with this innovative company.

“I have been lucky enough to work with freejump for the last year, and have never felt so secure in my lower leg since using their stirrups. They have such a brilliant grip I don’t need to worry about my foot slipping, plus they are lightweight with thin and comfy leathers so you don’t even notice they are there. Their ladies long riding boots are so elegant and comfortable. They felt like mine after just one ride and didn’t take any wearing in. Not only that, but the team at freejump are so welcoming and easy to deal with.”

Neue Schule

Ros uses a range of Neue Schule bits for her horses, depending on the requirements of each individual. Neue Schule deploys state of the art engineering techniques to produce a manufactured bit, capable of delivering the performance that their customers demand. Ros is excited to be working with the company.

“I have been using Neue Schule bits for many years and am delighted to be working with the company going forwards. They have a large range of bits to suit all horses and they always clean well and look smart. The turtle top bits have been a real game changer for me, in particular with Allstar B who has always struggled with suppleness. In the turtle bit he stays much softer in the mouth which means I am able to train him in a snaffle instead of having to go to a double bridle.”

Top Crop Haylage

Top Crop Haylage has been producing high quality horse haylage on the Lincolnshire coast since 1998. It is made from purpose grown, weed free, two year ryegrass seed leys, grown on drought resistant heavy clay soils that are ideal for grass growing, while a smaller proportion of their stock is produced from traditional old meadows for a slower release feed.

“We have been using Top Crop for many years now and the horses all perform well on it. I’m thrilled to have them as a sponsor.”


Uvex are Ros’ choice of gloves for riding. Glove choice is so important when riding in all weathers and temperatures.

“Gloves are a vital part of my equipment when I am Eventing. I have complete confidence that, whatever the weather, my Uvex gloves will provide a good grip on the reins and enable me to give my horses the help they need to stay safe and be successful – and the winter gloves are toasty!”

Jump 4 Joy

Ros also works with Jump 4 Joy, manufacturers of innovative jumps which are low on maintenance and high on performance.

“I am delighted to be a Jump 4 Joy ambassador. Their jumps allow me to simulate questions we find in competition at home so I can prepare my team for the challenges they face as Event horses. The addition of cross country fences to the range has been a huge benefit to my facility at home.”

Kingfisher Media Services

Ros is supported by photographer Trevor Holt of Kingfisher Media Services. The majority of photographs on this website have been taken by Trevor.

UK Sport Lottery

Ros is also supported by UK Sport Lottery funding, which she receives through the World Class Programme.